Wednesday, 30 April 2008

The Pirates!!!

Week 5

Meet the team! From left to right clockwise - James White, Ben Morgan, Mathew Partridge, Sarah Davies, Phillip Page and Allyn Thomas.

Tuesday, 29 April 2008


Week 5

A sample of some of the storyboards I have produced, Not in any particular order so I don't give too much of the story away!
Phill Page

More Background/Colour Tests

Week 5

Another background of the living room interior done using flash and Photoshop.
Phill Page

Monday, 28 April 2008

It Starts.....

Week 4

Just a bit of an update while I'm rendering! anyway we've started animation, all seems to be goin well thus far...


you have the power..... :)


Friday, 25 April 2008

Uncle Nevs Moon Cheese Wallpaper

Available from all good cheese outlets soon!

JW :)
Week 4

Sound Works- MoonPirates Voice Recording.
Just some pics of our day at SoundWorks recording the
characters voices- thanks to Terry Cooper
and the guy's at SoundWorks!

The legend- T.Cooper

3D Matt representing...

And AGAIN the 2D crew "working hard" as usual! Honestly...

Ben x

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Space Stuffs

Week 4

Moon Pirates on a mission. Yarrhh.

Moon Pirates on a Mission

Week 4

Moon Pirates concept stuff. Pirates on the moon. Awesome.
-Sarah Ann Davies, 24th April, 2008.

Concept design for the establishing shot on earth, with cheese factory!
And Neville and Red spying on pirates on the moon.

Concept designs for the surface of the moon.... what a colour trip.

Original space ship design for Moon Pirates.

yay for colour keys and a bit o' fun in space.

Colour Keys

Week 4

Hello, Allyn here. Currently I'm working on colour keys with Phil and Sarah, so here's my contribution.

Copyright Allyn Thomas and Cyfle 2008

Character Designs

Neville, a pessimistic angry bear, and red, a hyper active fox, set out on an adventure to find moon pirates! 
Originally designed by Allyn Thomas, i did clean up and turn arounds. I enjoyed working with these characters, as they were different to my usual style.

Pirate Captain and the Generic Piarte : these were great fun to design. Allyn had a vague idea of what he wanted the Captain to look like (BEEFY!) and the generic pirate was just a shedded down version.
The idea behind the generic pirate is that we can re use him as much as possible to save on time. We can add things, remove things, make him fatter/thinner etc.

And finally, heres a small sketch which sums up how i feel about the animation.....

9 weeks left! better get a move on! :)

James White 2008

Background Test

Week 4

This is a test for one of the backgrounds. It was done in both Flash and Photoshop to get a feel for the look and colors of the film.

Phill Page 24th April 2008

Rocket Car Model (Work in progress)

Week 4

3D Model of the rocket car that takes Red and Nev to the Moon. Soon to be finished.

Matt Partridge (3D Artist) 24th April 2008